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AdvocatesROC achieves its mission through collaboration and partnerships

“I am convinced that courage is the most important of all the virtues. Because without courage, you cannot practice any other virtue consistently. You can be kind for a while; you can be generous for a while; you can be just for a while, or merciful for a while, even loving for a while. But it is only with courage that you can be persistently and insistently kind and generous and fair."        - Maya Angelou


The (En)Courage Difficult Conversations Consultation Program partners with individuals, advocates, boards and nonprofit leaders to reform institutional practices to advance the alignment of those practices with the ideals expressed in their institutional missions.


Through a variety of methods including facilitated discussions, ethics trainings, "inclusiveness audits," group reflection, leadership coaching, and strategic planning support, we build the capacity of our partners to develop practices and policies to institutionalize a culture of inclusive excellence and realize their full potential.


Common topics and projects with partners include: review of codes of conduct and ethics policies, diversity and inclusive excellence planning, strategic planning, nonprofit board development.











Using Theatre as an Educational Tool to Explore Sexual Harassment and Racial Marginalization in Academe

The play Divorce (Professional) explores the decision of a political philosopher of color to do the "unthinkable" (quit her tenure-track position) and the factors that shape the decision. It reflects upon insights from a wide range of philosophers and political theorists, including Kant (on sexual ethics), bell hooks (on scholars), Nietzsche (on "dying"), Martin Luther King (on Nietzsche), Rousseau (on social inequality) and Plato (on the nature of truth and the role of philosophers).


The play delves into several contemporary issues impacting universities, such as mentorship of junior faculty, defining oneself as a scholar, consensual sexual relationship policies, racial marginalization and sexual harassment in academic contexts and the importance of leadership at all levels—student, staff, administrative and faculty—to build inclusive and equitable environments for learning and scholarship.


The play is designed to be performed with nominal resources that may be readily found on any college campus. The featured cast includes only three roles  - "Emeritus," "Junior Professor," and "Department Chair," and can readily incorporate students in numerous supporting roles.  In the original performance of this play, the roles were read by a Title IX coordinator, an emeritus professor and a senior faculty member.  The cast, director and playwright engaged faculty, staff and students on key issues raised by the play during a post-performance discussion. 


A press release on the play's performance at Western Michigan University and its sponsors is available here.


Noncommercial licenses to perform the play are available. In addition, AdvocatesROC offers various packages to support organizations interested in performing the play and to use it to facilitate public discussions.   Please contact us for more information. 

Phase One Takes Flight January 2020 - The Museum of Social and Political Philosophy.

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