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Nonprofit Organizational Services

HCRLAW offers several consulting and supportive services to nonprofit organizations.

All Hands In

Community Legal Empowerment and Advocacy Program (C-LEAP)

HCRLAW is committed to community empowerment through legal workshops and events to facilitate and support effective pro se advocacy whenever possible and wherever needed.  In 2024, with support of a small business micro-enterprise grant, HCRLAW launched the C-LEAP Program.  This program provides capacity-building consultation and support to nonprofit organizations working at the interface of civil and human rights to build the knowledge base and awareness of legal systems for both transformative policy and effective pro se advocacy.  Initial planning consultations in this program are free. HCRLAW is committed to the co-design of impactful programming that advances equity, community transformation and empowered agency through knowledge.


Transformative Justice and Inclusive Community Initiatives

HCRLAW partners with the GilChrist Retreat Center of Three Rivers, Michigan to facilitate retreats for nonprofit leaders, service providers, educators, and social entrepreneurs seeking to cultivate their capacity to transform cultures to become more equitable and just.  Our upcoming events are listed here:


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